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About 50 percent of Smith physics majors attend graduate school in a variety of fields.

Alumnae News

Vasanthi Chandrasekaram '90 is an executive at Apple.

Smita Srinivas '92 is director of Technological Change and Urban Social Policy Unit at Columbia University. She earned her M.S in physics from Yale University, and a Ph.D in economic development and technology planning from M.I.T.

Emily Willis '96 is payload operations director at NASA working on the International Station program.

Ronni Fantini '97 is working on microwave transmission systems in Raytheon. Raytheon paid her for her master's in electrical engineering.

Melissa Eblen '99 is assistant professor of physics at Carleton College. She earned her Ph.D. in physics from the University of Minnesota.

Alexa Mattheyses '00 is a postdoctoral fellow in cellular biophysics at the Rockefeller Research Institute in New York.

Corin Benedict '01 teaches science at Thetford Academy, the oldest secondary school in Vermont.

Cassandra Royce '02 is working on a Ph.D. at the University of Chicago School of Medicine.

Efrosyni Seitaridou '02 completed her Ph.D in applied physics at Caltech and is now an assistant professor at Emory College.

Banu Demirkiran '03 works at Goldman Sachs in risk management.

Graduate Schools Attended by Smith Physics Majors

Boston College (law school)

Boston University (management)

California Techical Institute (applied physics)

Cornell University (materials science; physics)

Dartmouth College (engineering; engineering management)

Duke University (medical physics; physics)

Harvard University (applied physics; biology)

Long Beach State (social work)

Mayo Clinic (medical school)

Portland State University (education)

Princeton University (engineering)

Purdue University (engineering)

Smith College (education)

University of California. Berkeley (architecture; building science; education; physics)

University of Californina, San Diego (mathematics)

University of Chicago (medical school)

University of Colorado (astrophysics; physics)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (engineering; physics)

University of Michigan (biophysics)

University of Minnesota (physics)

University of Oregon (physics)

University of Rochester (engineering)

University of Washington (electrical engineering)