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Fatima Toor '04 is working on a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Princeton University.

Molly Mulligan '05 is completing her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts.

Carolyn Tewksbury '07 works at the Kirkland Air Force Base on classified projects.

Danika Luntz-Marin '15

Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York

I am currently working on a thesis in Professor Will Williams' lab. At the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, I worked on a summer project that explored the viscoelastic properties of synthetic cell membranes. I am interested in many areas of physics. My other interests include running, reading and playing piano (not all at the same time!). After graduation I am going to grad school for physics, of course!

Elizabeth (Liza) Mulder '15

Toledo, Ohio

I have been a lab assistant for three years. I completed a research experience for undergraduates (REU) at the University of Notre Dame, studying experimental condensed matter and working with lead telluride semiconductors. I was part of a larger research team and took over some of the duties of one of the graduate students so he could explore other aspects of the project. I also went to Santiago de Chile for one semester. It was a lot of fun, if challenging, and they have great facilities for physics and astronomy research. Aside from physics, I also enjoy fencing, reading and Quidditch.




Isabel Lipartito
Danika Luntz-Martin
Elizabeth Mulder
Frances Yang


Brenda Carballo-Ramirez
Kelsea Gill
Carissa Misch
Jennifer Podel
Lydia Shannon

Lisa Mayo (AC)


Abby Azari
Maya Lewin-Berlin
Audra Macie
Genevieve de Mijolla
Nina Stein


Adina-Elena Draghici
Izzy Masiunas (astrophysics)
Neelma Qureshi
Hannah Toale
Androniki Tsakiridou
Julea Vlassakis



Jin Sook Park
Yuna Tsuji


Cecilia Aponte
Rohibi Ray


Szilvia B. Kiss
Elizabeth Mackenzie


Ellen Gunzel


Caitlin Crowl
Bhavna Mungur
Vilma Reyes
Julia Burns
Helen Johnston