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Smith Libraries Philosophy Resources
A wealth of philosophy resources for research

The Five College Departments of Philosophy
The Five College Consortium— comprised of Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith colleges, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst— offers a rich and varied set of possibilities for students and faculty interested in philosophy. Each of the philosophy departments at the five institutions works individually and collectively to augment numerous course options with guest speakers, symposia, and library resources.

Other Resources

2011 Philosophical Gourmet Report

Aesthetics On-Line
Covering the arts, art criticism and theory, and philosophy of art.

American Philosophical Association
The Web site of the main professional society in philosophy.

The Argument Clinic
From the University of Northern Colorado: you submit an argument; the "argument doctor" examines it and comments on its validity and soundness.

The Bentham Project
On the philosophy of Jeremy Bentham.

Bioethics Discussion Pages
For bioethical discussions by everyone about issues in medical care that affect everyone.

Digital Text Projects
From the Institute for Learning Technologies, Columbia University. Includes Digital Classics (classic works of philosophy and literature) and original multimedia translations of classic and contemporary texts as well as hyperlink annotations to a variety of collateral text and multimedia resources, both classic and contemporary, which can help contextualize and orient the material for study.

Ethics Center For Engineering & Science
Virtual center for engineering ethics, research ethics and science ethics, from MIT.

Episteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet
Thousands of links to philosophy resources on the internet.

Essays in Philosophy
Online journal from the Department of Philosophy, Pacific University, Oregon.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
From Earlham College, Richmond Indiana.

The Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science

The Philosophers' Magazine Online
Philosophical articles and inverviews with philosophers, a searchable philosophical events database, a discussion board, and philosophy links.

Philosophy Resources
From Einet