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spacerShort Stories Peer Pressures

spacer Where was I? Oh yeah I went to this party which I really didn't want to go to, peer pressure I guess. It started out cool but by the end everyone was acting silly, especially when they were around their friends. We all wound up in the pool, of course some were skinny -dipping, but it was humorous. Anyhow I meet this guy, Andy, really nice and sweet, 18, We had a lot in common and we were both new to the area. He goes to the same school, but funny, I never saw him there before. We have a date for this weekend , I will let you know how it goes. Till then! She didn't want to go but when she got there had little fun. This was an example of how peer pressure can be a bad thing and a good thing.
spacerSharon 17

Academic Pressure
spacerAcademic Pressure, one of the best known pressures those teens deal with on an everyday bases. This type of pressure is not uncommon to most teens and most think they can handle it. Some teens have other problems going in their lives which makes them strive extra hard to do better.
spacerFor Example

spacer"My Parents didn't graduate from college so I feel pressured to do the very best that I can so that I can get into a good college. Especially since I know that they can't really afford to send me to college without any financial aid. So now I feel this pressure to do the best at all times which is really hard. It's hard because sometimes I get tired of studying all the time and I feel like I'm not a normal teenager."
spacerAshley, 16

spacer" I know that parents pressure teens to do well in school and I understand them because I would want my children to do well in school also. But don't pressure them so much that they feel they will disappoint you even when they try there hardest."
spacerLoreal, 15

spacer"Definitely, there is pressure on teens to do well in education. It's tough to do well in school to please us, as well as our family, and to balance school work with extracurricular activities, problems outside of school, and then trying to enjoy this stage of our lives. But nobody tells you how to relieve the stress. Probably the most important thing I know is that my mom will support me for doing my best, even if I'm not valedictorian or graduate with honors. That takes away some of the pressure."
spacerKim, 19

Talking to your parents about pressure
spacerNo matter how old or how young there is always going to be some kind of academic pressure, not just your parents' fault. However it can be helpful to talk to your parents about the pressure you feel.

"You should sit down with your parents and let them know that you wish to achieve high and that by them riding your shoulders is not helping. Let them know that doing well is something that you will have to do for yourself, but you could use their support."

spacerMessage To the parents if you access this web page and see. Try not to pressure your teens because as much as you think you maybe helping, you may not. Try to remember when you were a teen and your parents wanted you to do what they didn't and all the stress that was put on you. Respect their decisions and try to help your family from becoming a statistic.

spacer"Learning is not only about reading school books, but trying to develop yourself as a whole person."
spacerNatasha, 16

spacerIf you find yourself under pressure
spacerHere are some signs:
  • If you can only think about getting that an "A" to please some one else.
  • When you have no time to socialize because of your studies.
  • If you begin to think things like I will die if I don't get this "A" or
    spacer my mother is going to kill me
    Poverty/ Socioeconomic Pressure
    spacerPoverty is a big problem in the United States. Over the past fifteen years the adolescent population in the U.S. declined by nearly four million persons, or 15%. In the early 1988, nearly one of every five adolescents was a member of a family with an income below the poverty line.

    spacer Characteristics of Jobs Held by Poor Young Adults

    spacer" Not only are poor young adults considerably less likely than their higher income counterparts to be working full-time, year-round, but they also tend to occupy jobs in less well-compensated industrial sectors and occupational groups."
    spacerAdolescence and Poverty
    spacerBy Peter Edelman, Joyce Ladner

    spacerIncome and Education
    There are fewer opportunities to earn a moderate income in the U.S. economy for an individual who does not do well in school. Former children have weaker basic skills as they enter the teen years. Poorer adolescents are much more likely to drop out of high school before graduation.

    spacerEducation and Employment

    "The fact of growing up in poor family -one where a parent or parents may well have weak labor force attachments, or none at all-has future employment consequences for the poor adolescent."

    spacerPoverty is a big deal these days. There are many young teens dropping out of school because of low income at home. This is a problem that many teens are dealing with and not telling anyone or talking to anyone about it. These teens are forced to start work and put their education on hold to support their families. To be truthful, because of low education they are less likely to be full time employed so are forced to work low paying jobs. They are pressured into these jobs and eventually because of low education. This leads to a path of hard working and a life of through poverty, which is, called Socioeconomic Pressure

    "Our society today puts so much pressure on the teens and children because we are the future they forget to stop and think about how they can be messing up the future by forcing us to be older than we should be."