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Social Pressure and Teens
 by Margaret
 Age 15

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Photo of Margaret
     Margaret, Age 15
  spacerWhat is Social Pressure?
That's a big question that many teens all over ask but never get an actual response to. Social Pressures are the combined pressures that are around you during everyday life such as Peer Pressure, Academic Pressures and Socioeconomic Pressure. These are the ones that teens are familiar with. You may think that you have complete control over these pressures but when a situation arise your ideas may not be as clear as they are at another time. Social Pressures can be confusing and stressful.
Peer Pressure
spacerWhat is Peer Pressure? We all have an idea what that is. But for those who don't I will explain it, Peer Pressure is when you are encouraged by friends and people your own age to do something that you do not feel completely comfortable with. This often occurs in many places like, with friends, etc.
spacerSome may disagree with me but Peer Pressure is not always a bad thing. It can help in many different ways. For Example, most teens get pressured into getting good grades or to push themselves to take chances and that's what we need to have in our lives. A little extra something to help us build up our self-confidence.
spacerThis Pressure can also be a bad thing. Just as it helps to push us to do well it can damage the emotional health of a person as well. For an example, when you are hanging out with some friends and they begin to smoke. You know that's not a good thing but they are "Like, come on, don't worry about it, nothings going to happen to you. I do it all the time", and they are constantly pressuring you to. You begin to feel like well, if I don't do it they won't want to hang out with me. That's Peer Pressure. Everywhere someone or teen is under this kind of pressure so you're not the only one. This following bill of rights may help you when your facing pressures.

Teenage Bill of Rights
  • Its ok to change your mind.
  • Say "no" and mean it.
  • Decide for yourself what you think is right.
  • Be responsible for your own feelings.
  • Ask for what you want.
  • Leave a situation where the pressure is too much.
  • Express your opinions, feelings, wants, needs, and desires and without manipulating or hurting others.
Pressure graphic
   Pressure Drawing
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