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 by Emily and Anika
 Ages 16 and 17

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Photo of Emily
     Emily, Age 16
  Photo of Anika
     Anika, Age 17

spacerThis web site is directed towards all teenagers who have ever felt the pressure to be thin. During adolescence, our bodies are rapidly changing and it's hard to accept these changes sometimes (check out Body Types). Dieting and feelings of being disgustingly overweight are, though not healthy, somewhat common this day in age (check out Feeling Fat). The ridiculously unrealistic images in advertisements and magazines directed at teens are seen by millions everyday and leave their mark in many girls' thoughts toward themselves (see Media). Many teenagers feel the pressures to be thin so deeply that, as a result of this and other factors, they develop eating disorders. Unfortunately eating disorders are becoming a common "epidemic" in our society. Check out the page on Eating Disorders and educate yourself about a sometimes hidden sickness that can't be ignored any longer.
spacerWhat can you do to educate others about themselves and their bodies during adolescence? Read the information we've found to be helpful and educate yourself! Education equals empowerment. You can help make a difference in the way girls and others view their bodies.