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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm the administrator of a student org. Can I share my username and password so someone else can edit the page for me?

Under no circumstances do we wish students to share their Novell user ID and password.

Student leaders can assign members to Positions that provide them with customizable administrative privileges. Refer to the Student User Guide for detailed instructions on how to assign positions to specific members and adjust administrative privileges.

Can I somehow link my organization from the Social Network to other social networking sites?

You have the ability to include URLs to your group's Facebook and Twitter pages within The Social Network. You also have the ability to share events with over 330 social networking sites.

Why can't I just maintain my website and Facebook page? Why does my org need to be on the Smith Social Network?

Each organization does have the option to host a website on the Sophia server. The problem with that option has been maintaining information year to year.

The Social Network provides a website that is edited using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor, which is much more user friendly and requires no downloads. The Social Network is NOT intended to replace Facebook or any other social networking sites.