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Student Learning Outcome Tracking

One feature of The Social Network is the ability to create and assign student learning outcomes (SLOs) and categories to activities and events as appropriate. Aligning events to outcomes, categories or domains supports the university's need to meet the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' (SACS) and other accreditation requirements by providing involvement data, aligned with program and learning outcomes.

The Social Network currently offers nine built-in report features, with the ability to request additional reports from CollegiateLink administrators as needed.

Support Student Engagement

The Social Network facilitates student involvement much the same way Amazon.com matches people with items based on past purchases. As RSOs and departments create their profiles they are prompted to choose from an assorted list of interests, with no limit to how many interests they can select. Administrators have the ability to edit the list of interests to meet the growing and evolving interests of our students.

As students login and create their profiles they are also prompted to choose interests they have. Upon completing their profiles students immediately receive a list of suggested organizations and events based on mutual interests.


The Social Network is a secure web site that uses hyper-text transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) to ensure security of data transmissions. Using the built-in form features is it possible that UWF could allow registration, assumption of risk, and a variety of formative and summative assessments to be conducted electronically.

By establishing electronic processes such as these, UWF will eliminate the use of thousands of paper forms each academic year while creating a database of information that is archived and accessible at any time. Additionally, The Social Network uses UWFs current authentication system which means students have access with a single login.

Alumni Applications

From a development perspective The Social Network provides an opportunity to reach out to alumni as potential donors based on areas of interest beyond their academic affiliation. The ability to search for students based on involvement could also have significant impact on mentoring programs, allowing alumni who are interested in mentoring new students to be paired based on multiple areas of interest.