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"So you..." series

The "So You" series is designed to address the ever changing needs of our student organizations. Whether presented as a workshop, online or in print, the So You... series will help you navigate your way through event planning, funding, leadership and more.

request a leadership workshop

Are you looking for something specific for your Organization? Leadership? Teambuilding? Communication?

Contact Sara McGuire! We'll figure out what you and your Org need and customize a workshop!

The Office of Student Engagement is dedicated to helping students design their own leadership journey. We know that Smith students have very busy schedules, so our Leadership Workshops are made to fit your needs. You can choose the workshop, date, time and location and we'll organize it, and come to you.

Please use the form below to request your leadership workshop. Descriptions of each workshop are provided below.

Please allow at least two weeks notice for requesting a workshop. Each workshop has a different facilitator and schedules have to be considered. The more notice we have, the better. Thank you!

Please contact Sara McGuire, smcguire@smith.edu, to request a leadership workshop.

Suggested Workshop Descriptions

Active Listening
Does your group struggle to stay on topic and take turns during conversations or planning meetings? Do you find that you lose focus and often worry about what you're going to say next instead of listening to what is being said at that moment? This interactive workshop will allow each participant to experience the art of active listening and the art of being heard.

Having trouble setting a budget for your organization and keeping to it? Not sure how to plan a budget for the entire semester? Let's work through some of the challenges of creating and sticking to a budget to get the most from your allocation.

Celebrating Your Team
From small thank you's to big celebrations, this workshop will allow you to hone in on what your group needs to stay positive and keep the morale high.

Event Funding
From finding sources to support your program to completing a thorough and accurate funding request, we can help you fing the money you need to make your big programming ideas a reality.

Goal Setting
A new year means new ideas, new members and a new chance to make a difference. Start the semester by thinking through how you're going to make the most of it by mapping out your goals together.

Your StrengthsQuest journey begins with a 30 minute online assessment, the Clifton StrengthsFinder. You will receive a customized report that lists your top five talents, along with action items for development and suggestions about how you can use your talents to achive academic, career and personal success. This workshop will focus on the talents of your entire working group and help to maximize how you work together to produce maximum results.

Team Building
Interactive activities will allow us to explore team dynamics outside the scope of your everyday meetings and experiences.

Updating Your Charter
An organization charter is the living document of the organization - how you operate, make decisions and what your're about. Working from a charter that is 20 years old won't help the organization grow. Learn the process for making changes to your charter and get your organization moving forward again.