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Resource Room

The resource room (Campus Center room 203) is an available space for all recognized organizations and house community leaders. The room is configured to provide groups small, comfortable, impromptu meeting areas as well as the resources needed for the group to be successful in their event planning and organization development.


The room includes a copier, banner paper, an Ellison machine with letter and number dies and Texas markers for banner making. There are also a number of small lockable spaces, which can be reserved through the OSE.

Organization and house mailboxes are located in this space. A laminator and poster maker may be utilized for a small fee in the OSE (room 106).


Members of the Smith community (students, faculty and staff) are allowed to advertise Smith College events by hanging banners in the Campus Center. Reservations must be made by submitting the Banner Space Request Form and must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement.

Reservation Procedure

A banner space request must be submitted online by Friday at noon, the week prior to your event. Requests will be either confirmed or denied within two days of receipt. Given the limited space, even those who meet the deadline may not have the banner hung on desired dates.

All reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Forms must include the text for the banner as well as a description of any illustration to be used.

Banners and banner content is subject to approval by the Office of Student Engagement staff.

Banner Specifications

Each banner must be 36 inches x 84 inches.

The top of the banner must be the 36-inch side (portrait, not landscape).

The banner must be done on the banner paper provided in the resource room and decorated with washable paint, markers or paper letters.

Banners with wet paint WILL NOT be accepted.

Banners must have clean cut edges.

Professionally made banners may be used provided they do not exceed the size limitations.

Banners will be screened for content. Words, terms, saying, symbols or illustrations which are determined to be implicitly or explicitly inappropriate, will not be displayed.

No more than one nonstudent or student organization banner will be hung each week unless there is available space not utilized by students or student organizations.

Length of Time Limitations

Space can be reserved for a maximum of one week per banner. Banners will be hung by the OSE staff on Mondays and taken down the following Monday. Please be sure that your banner is turned in by 9 AM on Monday.

Space may be used for event promotion or for information sharing only.

Removed banners must be picked up the Tuesday after removal from the OSE, Campus Center 106; banners not picked up will be discarded.

Banners will be hung for one week at a time with no consecutive weeks approved. There must be one week in between reservations for the same or similar student, student organization or department event or information.

Copier & Printer

Once organizations have submitted their Recognition Form, they will be provided with a networked password with which they can log on to the computer and print to the copier. The copy/print limit for each organization is 1,200 a year. Those organizations that hit their limit will be charged for additional copies made in the resource room.

Postermaker & Laminator

The poster maker and laminator are there for your use. Organizations will be charged per semester for poster creation at $5 per poster and $10 per laminated poster. When you would like to use the poster maker or laminator please come to the OSE (room 106) for assistance during business hours.

Lockable Spaces

Lockable spaces in resource room are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Organizations will be given a single key to this space for a $5 cash deposit. There will be a spare key to each space available only to the organization's officers with picture ID in the OSE during business hours. Organizations that have other designated organization space on campus for storage will not be allowed to have a cabinet in the resource room.


Suggestions for additional resources should be made to the Director of the Office of Student Engagement. For more information, contact the OSE, ose@smith.edu