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Building Policies & Procedures

The Smith College Campus Center is open to Smith students, faculty and staff as well as guests, including those from the local community who are attending registered meetings or functions or simply seeking a place to relax.

Space in the Campus Center may be reserved through the 25 Live Reservation System by active student organizations and departments.

Reservation Policies


Decorations and Equipment

The Campus Center requires advance notice of any non-Campus Center equipment that will be brought into the facility. This includes tables, chairs, rental equipment and decorations. You must provide a list of equipment and decorations to the Office of Student Engagement seven days before the event. Helium balloons are not permitted in the Campus Center as they may interfere with the fire detection system.

Food and Beverages

Per the Dining Services policy, Food, beverages and refreshments for events in the Campus Center must be ordered and purchased through the Campus Center Café. If using an outside caterer, you must obtain written permission from the cafe manager 10 days before the event; a copy of the permission must be sent to the Office of Student Engagement, Campus Center 106. If permission is granted, a contract between the outside caterer and sponsoring Smith organization must be on file in the OSE before the event takes place.


All reservation setups must be requested with a 25 live space reservation. If you would like to move furniture for your event after the request has been submitted, please seek assistance from the Campus Center staff. If we are able to accommodate the request, furniture will be moved.


The Campus Center has very limited storage space available for event materials. Storage will depend on space availability and is provided for Campus Center events only. The Office of Student Engagement staff must approve all requests for storage no fewer than seven days before the scheduled event. Event organizers should have materials delivered just before their event and removed immediately upon its conclusion. Event sponsors are responsible for moving stored items to the event location on the day of the event. All materials remaining in the Campus Center will be discarded no later than two days after an event has concluded. The OSE staff and Smith College are not responsible for items stored within the facility.

Vending Tables

Students, faculty and staff may reserve vending tables in the Campus Center while school is in session. Vending table reservations are limited to a maximum of three consecutive days. If you wish to use the wireless OneCard machine, please request this when you register your event on the Social Network. There is a monthly charge of 5% of your total sales to use the machine.

Students: If your vending reservation involves any exchange of money, you must obtain a cashbox from the Office of Student Engagement, room 106, and return it to the office by the end of the day. Cashboxes cannot be held overnight.

Vending tables can be moved outdoors to the Chapin deck when the weather permits. There are two spaces available which must be reserved through 25Live.



Members of the Smith community (students, faculty and staff) are allowed to advertise Smith College events by hanging banners in the Campus Center. All banners must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement and will be hung by facility staff on Monday by 9:00 a.m. Any banners not dropped off by the 9:00 a.m. deadline will not be hung. Unauthorized banners will be removed. No more than 14 banners will be hung at any given time, except those for special all-college events. Banners must be picked up on the Tuesday after removal from CC 106; banners not picked up within 24 hours will be discarded.


Chalking is not permitted on the concrete entrance pathways and/or granite Campus Center steps; chalking may be done only on asphalt roads and walkways. You may only use erasable chalk (grease-based chalk is not permitted), and each chalking must be signed with the full name of the person or group responsible. Other individuals or groups within the community may add to the chalkings or remove them. College administration may remove all chalkings in any specific area of campus. The Smith College policy on chalking can be found in the Smith College Student Handbook.


The Campus Center will provide easels for posters to publicize your event. These are available on the day of the event only and will be placed in the building at the discretion of the Campus Center staff. Please mount sign(s) on poster board for easy display on the easels. Event organizers are responsible for providing sign(s).

Posting Policy

Materials and items can be posted only on the Campus Center cork bulletin boards located on the garden and main levels. Items posted on any other part of the building—including walls, rails, beams, glass, doors and restrooms—will be removed. These policies are intended to protect the facility from damage and to avoid placement of posted items that may create a safety hazard. All bulletin boards in the building will be cleared every Sunday.

Please note: Suction cups and blue tape will be provided upon request with a valid space reservation.


Alcohol Use

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Smith College Campus Center except when sold and/or served by Smith College dining services in an approved area. You may not bring alcohol into the facility for any reason. All events and individuals must comply with college policies and state laws governing the use of alcohol.


During the academic year, all bicycles on campus must be parked or stored in a bicycle rack. Bicycles may not be secured to fire hydrants, trees, parking signs, fences, stairwells, ramps (handicap and/or other), or in the egress path of any building. Bicycles may not be stored in student rooms. Bikes may not be walked through or brought into any meeting room in the Campus Center.

At the conclusion of each academic year, all bicycles left on exterior bicycle racks will be removed and donated. For a full description of the Smith College Bicycle Policy please refer to the Student Handbook.

Fire Safety— Open Flames, Candles, Incense, Helium Balloons

Open flames and the burning of incense are prohibited in the Campus Center for fire safety. Candles may be used provided the flame of the candle is completely contained in an enclosed nonflammable container (e.g., glass votives). Helium balloons are not permitted in the Campus Center as they may interfere with the fire detection system.

Fireworks, Firearms, Explosives or Weapons

Weapons or explosives of any kind are prohibited on campus in accordance with Massachusetts State Law and college policy. Anyone who sees an individual carrying a weapon should notify Campus Police immediately.

Game Room

The Campus Center Game Room is available for use by all visitors of the facility on a first-come, first-served basis. Equipment is located in the Game Room. The Game Room cannot be reserved for lessons or teaching. The Campus Center reserves the right to close the Game Room at any time and will lock the room accordingly.


The Campus Center requires that all visitors must be fully clothed and wearing shoes at all times while utilitizing the facility.

Piano Use

The Campus Center piano is available for use by all visitors of the facility on a first come first served basis. The piano cannot be reserved and may not be used for lessons or teaching. The Campus Center staff reserves the right to close the piano at any time and will lock the piano accordingly.

Service Animals

The Campus Center only permits service animals in the building. No pets of any kind are permitted.


Skateboarding is not permitted in the Campus Center or any entrance, staircase or handicapped ramp in or around the building.


Smoking is not permitted in the Campus Center in compliance with the Smith College smoking policy and the Massachusetts Clean Indoor Air Act. This smoking ban extends to the outside deck of the Carroll Room, vestibules between doors and the Campus Center Café deck. Smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of any college facility, including the Campus Center.



College employees may not engage in solicitation or canvassing of any kind, including solicitation for membership or subscriptions, during working time. In addition, employees may not distribute leaflets or written materials of any kind during working time or at any time in work areas, or in areas where distribution of such materials disrupts services. Working time means the time employees are actually engaged in work and does not include authorized meal time or break time.

Employees may not use their college positions or the college's facilities, letterhead, communications media (including campus or electronic mail) or other resources for purposes of political or other solicitation or canvassing.

The president may provide an exception to permit the use of college staff time and resources for canvassing for contributions, and the use of voluntary payroll withholding, to collect for charitable, educational, or related programs (standing approval has been given for United Way and Service Organizations of Smith), or for programs directly sponsored by the college.


Non-college individuals, groups or organizations are not permitted to engage in solicitation of any kind, nor may they distribute written material of any kind on college property, except as provided for in official contractual or purchase order arrangements or as explicitly authorized by the controller's office.

Solicitation Policy

The Smith College Solicitation Policy, Section 107, states:

Solicitation, canvassing, and leafleting on College premises are limited in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. The policy is not intended to infringe on the rights of members of the College as individuals to freely express and exchange views and to associate with others. Rather, the policy is intended to ensure the continuity of College work and operations; to avoid the misuse of college facilities or resources in ways which would impair its nonprofit, nonsectarian, independent, and nonpolitical status; and to preserve both the fact and the appearance of the College's impartiality.

See also the college's Political & Campaign Activities Policy.