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About the Office

Mission Statement

Complimenting the academic mission of the College, the Office of Student Engagement is committed to integrating student learning in all its forms, facilitating student development and embracing opportunities for meaningful engagement. Through its activities, facilities and services, the Office of Student Engagement serves as a valuable resource, providing and promoting opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, co-curricular involvement, intellectual inquiry, social and environmental responsibility and the valuing of difference in all forms.

Values That Guide Our Work

The Office of Student Engagement assists students in making intentional decisions about their in and out of class involvement for a more meaningful Smith experience. Together with our learning outcomes, these core values are integral to our success.

Social Justice

The Office of Student Engagement embraces diversity in all its forms including the multiple identities of ethnicity, race, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, and socio-economic status as well as every aspect of our life which defines our humanity. Our commitment to social justice refers to the intentional and consistent valuing, respecting and inclusion of all people and development of an environment where this is possible.

Intentional Learning

As educators, the staff in the Office of Student Engagement is committed to providing intentional learning opportunities and assessing best practices. We encourage student responsibility, creativity, accountability, personal & professional growth and development.


The Office of Student Engagement Staff is committed to finding and creating opportunities for every student to interact with their community according to their interests, strengths, activities and curiosities. We provide an experience exemplifying a consistent commitment to quality by exceeding community expectations in our programs, facilities and services. Through programs, facilities and staff interactions, we embrace the opportunity to collaborate with our community for the successful completion of their goals and initiatives.


The Smith College Campus Center offers space and resources for students, faculty and staff to experience joy, to have fun, to be well and to grow. Housed within the Campus Center, the Office of Student Engagement is dedicated to supporting the community's use of the space for programs and events, to practice balance, to relax and reconnect with one another in meaningful ways.

Learning Outcomes

Students involved with the Office of Student Engagement through a multitude of employment, activities, programming and volunteer opportunities, will: