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For Prospective Students

Students with disabilities are evaluated for admission according to the same criteria and high standards as all other applicants. Information shared with the Office of Disability Services is confidential and will not be shared with anyone involved in the admissions process. Similarly, the Office of Admission does not share Health Services information with ODS.

Smith's philosophy and approach to accommodating students with disabilities is one that emphasizes independence, self-reliance and self-advocacy. While the college has an important role in meeting the needs of students, it is expected that students will take an active role in the accommodation process.

Applying to Smith

Disability is Not a Consideration in Admission

No inquiries will be made about disability, and your disability need not be disclosed before admission. Disability is not taken into consideration in the process of admission decisions. If you have questions about disability and admission policies, please contact us or the Office of Admission.

Visiting the College

If you plan to be on campus for a visit, it is advisable to set up an appointment with our office. We'd be happy to talk by telephone or meet in person to answer your questions or concerns.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with the admission staff or a tour of the campus and you will need accommodations, such as a sign language interpreter or mobility assistance, please inform the admission staff two weeks in advance so that they may best prepare for your visit.

Preparing for Success at Smith

Reading Load

Prospective and entering students should begin as soon as possible to prepare for the demands of the reading load at Smith. Strengthening your reading strategies is the first line of defense, but you may need alternatives to reading print, such as text to speech software or the use of audiobooks. All students should arrive at college with a reliable and effective method for reading required materials and for pursuing your own research to complete assignments.

It is essential to talk with your teachers and/or parents and use the resources within your current school and community to find out what alternative reading options are available. It is important to learn how to use technology, improve reading strategies and practice using reading resources before coming to Smith.

Colleges have a responsibility to make curriculum materials accessible by providing print alternatives to students who have documented disabilities that significantly impair reading, but learning to use these alternatives independently and effectively will require training and practice. Professional assessment of your reading challenges may be necessary to determine the best methods for you. Documentation of a reading disability will help us understand how to support your learning and reading at Smith.

Contact Us

Before admission, students with disabilities are advised to talk or meet with the Disability Services Director to discuss any questions or concerns about disability accommodations or services needed.