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The Peer Mentoring Program launched in 2013, in response to a history of disabled students expressing an interest in connecting with one another socially and academically.

The Peer Mentoring Program matches older students with disabilties to incoming disabled students in a mentor/mentee relationship. These older students provide support and advice to their mentees based on their own experiences navigating Smith with a disability. The Peer Mentoring Program hosts monthly mentor/mentee bonding events, an annual Disability Awareness Day event, and a special first-year orientation. Individual weekly meetings between mentor and mentee are encouraged.

Now in the fourth year of our program, returning students with disabilities continue to volunteer to introduce new students to life at Smith. We hope to continue to increase the strength of our mentoring program by including more programming activities, offering ample social opportunities, and including YOU on our mentor/mentee list!

How to Be Involved

Want to be a mentor? If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out the peer mentor application. Mentoring entails weekly check-ins and attending monthly events with your mentee.

Want a mentor? If you would like to have a mentor, please fill out the peer mentee application. We will work to match you with someone who fits your interests and disability concerns.