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Five College Exchange for Students with Disabilities

Disabled students interested in taking advantage of the Five College Exchange program may receive disability accommodations at the host campus by following the directions below. It is recommended that students submit this form when registering for courses so that the host campus has a chance to prepare for your arrival the following term. This is absolutely essential if you need sign language interpreters or books in alternative formats.

  1. Print out the Five College Accommodation Form (PDF), also available at the disability services office on the home campus, and specify the accommodations needed.
  2. The form must be signed by the student and the disability services director at the home campus.
  3. Bring a copy of the form to the disability services office on the host campus to arrange accommodations there.
  4. Students coming to Smith from other campuses who need accommodations for final exams must inform the Smith Disability Services Office at least two weeks before final exam period. It may not be possible to accommodate late requests. Smith students taking exams at another campus should consult the host college's disability service office for information about their deadlines.
  5. Be sure to keep a copy of this form for your records.

Disability Information

In most cases, students will not be asked to show medical documentation to the host campus, unless requesting accommodations that differ from those typically received at the home campus.


Amherst College

Charri Boykin-East
Converse 105
(413) 542-2529

Hampshire College

Joel Dansky
First Floor Dakin House
(413) 559-5423

Mount Holyoke College

Elisabeth Hogan
300 Mary Lyon Hall
(413) 538-2550

Smith College

Laura Rauscher
104 College Hall
(413) 585-2071

University of Massachusetts

Ben Ostiguy
161 Whitmore Admin Building
(413) 545-0892