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Logan Airport-Northampton, Boston-Northampton, Northampton-Logan

The route between Logan Airport, Boston and Northampton is served by Peter Pan and Bonanza bus lines.

Logan Airport-Northampton

(bus change at Boston South Station and in Springfield)

dep. 10:30 am
dep. 11:30 am
dep. 1:30 pm
dep. 4:30 pm

arr. 2:45 pm
arr. 4:45 pm
arr. 6:45 pm
arr. 7:45 pm


(requires a shuttle or a taxi from Logan to Boston South Station, and a bus change in Springfield)

dep. 10:00 am
dep. 12:01 pm
dep. 1:30 pm
dep 4:00 pm
dep. 5:15 pm
dep. 8:00 pm

arr. 1:00 pm
arr. 2:45 pm
arr. 4:45 pm
arr. 6:45 pm
arr. 7:45 pm
arr. 10:55 pm

Northampton-Logan Airport

(bus change in Springfield and at Boston South Station)

dep. 7:20 am
dep. 9:25 am
dep. 1:25 pm
dep. 3:25 pm
dep. 5:00 pm

arr. 10:50 am
arr. 12:55 pm
arr. 4:40 pm
arr. 7:05 pm
arr. 8:50 pm

For ticket reservations and purchase ($35) see:

On Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17, a van going directly to Smith College will leave Terminal E (International Arrivals) at Logan airport at 6 p.m. (or later if necessary). The number of seats in the van is limited to 11. If you plan to reserve a seat, please let us know as soon as possible. The cost of the trip is $35.

Bradley Airport-Northampton and Northampton-Bradley

The trip from Bradley Aiport to Northampton can be made with Valley Transporter Company. They adjust their schedule to the customer, so an early reservation is important. Cost for the first person $53, for the second $25 and for each additional (up to 8) $15.

For reservations see: www.valleytransporter.com.