Northampton State Hospital Chronology
1840s-Dorthea Dix urges reforming the methods used to treat the mentally ill
1855-Board of Commissioners selects Northampton as site for state's 3rd hospital for the insane
1856-laying of the cornerstone (July 4th)
1858-completion of the Main Complex, Northampton Lunatic Hospital begins operation (250 person capacity)
1860s-1870s-agricultural buildings added to grounds
1860s-1870s-landscaping of lawns and grounds
1864-Pliny Earle becomes superintendent
1865-hospital farm has great success and gains reputation for quality
1870-greenhouse built
1903-name changed to Northampton State Hospital
1903-05-lateral additions to Main complex
1924-25-rear, asymmetric, additions to Main complex
1928-35-Memorial Complex (the "letter buildings") constructed
1935-Olander Cafeteria added to Main Complex
1934-36-power plant and laundry
1940-Superintendent's house
1954-55-peak patient (and staff) population, circa 2500 (and circa 500)
1959-Haskell building built
1975-patient population reduced to circa 600-700
1978-Consent Decree in Brewster vs. Dukakis (standard treatment = "least restrictive environment")
1990-282 acres of land transferred to the Department of Food and Agriculture, and leased to the Smith Vocational School, pronounced permanent farmland
1993-last patients leave hospital, August
1997-Request for Proposals for redevelopment of 154 acres and buildings (Division of Capital Planning and Operations)
1998-The Community Builders selected as master developers
1999-master plan from The Community Builders presented to the Division of Capital Asset Management (previously DCPO)
2000-The State Hospital:In Memoriam events, November. Also, MassDevelopment is added as a partner with Community Builders as master developers.
2001-Preparations for redevelopment and demolition projected to begin in August

Tom Riddell and Sarah Landau