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Northampton State Hospital
Main Complex
2. Old Main
ca. 1855-1858
Gothic Revival
Architect: Jonathon Preston
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NSH-2- Old Main
Doorway, NorthWing
Auditoriun Roofline
Auditorium Roofline & Windows
2. Portico Facing North, Snow
2.Portico Facing South, Snow
 2. Portico Entrance, snow & van.
2. Portico Entrance, Profile, snow.
2.Portico Facing South, close up.
68. FrontEntrancefromNorth
2. Collapsed Portico
2. Collapsed Portico & Front Entrance
2. Collapsed Portico & Hint of South Wing
2. Front Lawn, Collapsed Portico
Main South Lawn Under Snow
Main South Lawn, Snow, Facing North
2nd & 3rd North Courtyard
2. Portico Collapsed, Facing North
Portico Collapsed, See the Damage
Portico Collapsed & Fenced In
Path to South Entrance
Main South Lawn Under Snow
2. Collapsed Portico & Hint of North Wing
2. Collapsed Portico Under Snow, Facing South
Scarred Tree & Old Main
North Wing Round Tower
North Rear Wing
North Wing Round Tower, through trees
2. Portico, Collapsed and Fenced In.
2. Portico Collapsed & fenced in.
2. Portico in Snow with Fence
Old Main From Snowy South Lawn
2. Old Main, North Wing Facing South
2. Old Main, roofline?
2. Old Main and Beech
2. Old Main Through Trees
2. Old Main, facing slightly North
2. Old Main Private Property
2. Old Main Through the Beech Trees
2. Portico Gone
5. & 2. Facing South along Old Main
2. Old Main from Parking Garage
Old Main from Parking Garage, 2
Old Main From Parking Garage 3
Old Main from Parking Garage 4
Old Main From Parking Garage 5
Old Main From Parking Garage 6
Old Main from Forbes Lawn
Old Main From Forbes Lawn 2
Old Main Through Trees & Snow
68. Old Main, from South Lawn/Parking Lot
68. Old Main from South  lawn
South Lawn & South Wing
Old Main Through the Tree Tops
From the Green Green South Lawn
Scraped up parking lot
Scraped up parking lot
Overgrown South Lawn
South Lawn Torn Up
South Lawn, dead grass
South Lawn & South Wing, dead grass
Rear Wing, Through Fence
4th North & North Infirmary Courtyard
Mound of Dirt?
2. Broken Windows
68. Main Lawn, new water way.
68. Front Lawn, new waterway
68. South Lawn with view of South Wing