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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Here is a snapshot of five of this year’s Fulbright Fellows, who were contacted before they left in August for destinations all over the world.

Azmi Ahmad ’07

From: New York, New York
Major at Smith: government; minor in economics
Headed to: Cairo, Egypt
Project focus: Three months studying intensive Arabic at the American University followed by nine months researching “Egyptian International Trade Relations with the United States and China.” “I plan to examine current trends in the Egyptian political economy that are fostered by its textile industry’s competition with China, as well as Egyptian-Sino trade agreements that rival/complement Egyptian-American trade agreements.”

“I am really looking forward to immersing myself in Egyptian culture, and I know that the Fulbright as a whole will be an amazing experience.”

Aria Cabot ’06

From: Long Beach, Calif.
Major at Smith: English language and literature and Italian language and literature
Headed to: Sardinia, Italy
Project focus: Teaching high school English and researching the history of American writers in Italy.

“I am trying to keep an open mind and looking forward to my departure.”

Sebrina Somers ’99

From: Seattle, Wash.
Major at Smith: chemistry
Location of Fulbright: Kunming, China
Project focus: Studying the environmental health of traditional ethnic minority homes in Yunnan Province with an emphasis on identifying alternative low-cost sustainable home designs suited to specific environmental conditions.

“I am very excited to be going to China as a Fulbrighter. I’ve always had rather unique interests and the Fulbright provides me one of the few opportunities to combine them. I hope to come away from the experience with a better understanding of China, its minority cultures and international environmental health.”

Briana St. John ’06

From: York, Maine
Major at Smith: German studies; minor in education
Headed to: Berlin
Project focus: working as an English teaching assistant in an elementary school.

“I hope to improve my German this year, and I am also looking forward to gaining more teaching experience. I am interested in learning how to teach a foreign language, particularly to young children.”

Kathleen Klaus ’07

From: Peru, New York
Major at Smith: government; minor in African studies
Headed to: Zomba, Malawi
Project focus: Researching the cyclical link between a form of casual labor increasingly characterized by transactional sex, household food security and AIDS. “I am interested in the changing role of casual labor as a response to the combined stress of food insecurity and AIDS, as well as the response that such a phenomenon has provoked from government and civil society institutions.”

“I feel so privileged and fortunate to have this experience. I’m certain that it will not only shape the rest of my career but will leave me with memories that will link me to Malawi for the rest of my life—through the language, the people with whom I will meet and work, and the issues that will continue to challenge me beyond the scope of my Fulbright year.”

Other 2007 Fulbright Fellows

Krystal Banzon ’07
Studying “Postcolonial Filipino Theater as a Space for Transnational Understanding” in the Philippines.

Hannah Clancy ’06
Teaching English in Germany

Julie Goshe ’07
Teaching English in Taiwan

Josine Greenblatt ’07
Studying “Meridian Circle Astronomy: Hamburg Observatory’s Connection to Global Navigation” in Germany

Rebecca Heeb ’07
Teaching English in Korea

Catherine Housholder ’07
Teaching English in Uruguay

Michaela LeBlanc ’07
Teaching English in Germany

Kristen Sobeck ’06
Studying “Educational Choices of Swiss Women” in Switzerland

Samantha Wiratunga ’03
Studying “Refugee Revival Through Music” in Kenya

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