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Students Join Scholars at International Conferences

British Neuroscience Association

Harrogate, Yorkshire, England
April 2007
Presenter: Emily Stackpole ’07 of Sanford, Maine; Kristen Hokenson ’07 of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Poster Presentation: Assessment of Neurotoxicity of Anesthetic Cocktails on Primary Cultures of Dissociated Murine Cortical Neurons Adviser: Adam Hall, associate professor of biological sciences

American Society for Microbiology

Toronto, May 2007
Presenter: Nadeera Dawlagala ’07 of Orange, Connecticut Poster Presentation: Investigation of RimJ Regulated Genes in Escherichia coli K-12 Using DNA Microarrays Adviser: Christine A. White-Ziegler, associate professor of biological sciences

Regional Boston Bacterial Meeting

August 2007
Presenter: Talya Davis-Johnson ’07 of Portland, Maine Oral Presentation: Using Microarrays to Identify H-Ns Controlled, Temperature Regulated Genes in Escherichia coli K-12 Adviser: Adviser: Christine A. White-Ziegler, associate professor biological sciences

National Organic Chemistry Symposium

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, June 2007
Presenter: Seiko Fujii ’08 of Owariasahi, Japan Poster Presentation: Synthesis of a Novel Diels-Alder Diene
Presenter: Katherine Whitesell ’08 of Easton, Maryland Poster Presentation: Synthesis of Novel Tricyclic Compounds
Presenter: Maureen Reilly ’08 of Woodstock, Illinois Poster Presentation: Carbocations Stabilized by Cobalt-Alkyne Complexes as Dienophile Withdrawing Groups in Diels-Alder Reactions
Presenter: Julie Olson ’10 of Fairbanks, Alaska Poster Presentation: Women’s Roles in the Discovery and Development of Named Organic Reactions
Adviser: Kevin Shea, associate professor of chemistry

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