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October 7, 2004


Sources for Election 2004: Smith Faculty and Students Are Available to Talk to the Media

NORTHAMPTON, Mass.—As anticipation builds toward Election Day with great scrutiny placed on the youth vote, Smith College faculty and students are available to talk to the media.


Howard J. Gold, associate professor of government, (413) 585-4905
Gold researches partisanship and voting behavior, particularly third parties and Ralph Nader. Gold can discuss the impact of the mass media on politics and partisanship, voting behavior and turnout, public opinion and racial attitudes.

Marc Lendler, assistant professor of government, (413) 585-3539
Lendler researches American politics and teaches about the presidency and the First Amendment. Lendler’s American Presidency course offers an analysis of the changing power of the executive branch. He can discuss electoral participation, presidential selection, campaigns, electoral behavior, public opinion, parties and congressional elections.

Donald C. Baumer, professor of government, (413) 585-3534
Baumer researches public policy and Congress and teaches the introductory course in American government. He can discuss the contemporary role of Congress in the policy-making process and the tension inherent in the design of Congress as the maker of public policy for a country with a diverse citizenship.

Mlada Bukovansky, associate professor of government, (413) 585-3530
Bukovansky researches the evolving norms and institutions of the international system and the global anti-corruption movement. She can discuss international politics, European politics and international organization.


Katherine Mitchell is co-chair of Smith Votes, a non-partisan organization dedicated to educating students about the voter registration process, absentee voting and the electoral process. Mitchell, a junior, can be reached by e-mail at

Elyse Braner, president of the Smith Republicans, can be reached by e-mail at Braner is a junior.

Lauren Wolfe, president of the Smith Democrats, president of the College Democrats of Massachusetts, and national chair of the College Democrats of America, can be reached by cell, (248) 931-0697, or e-mail, Wolfe is a senior.


Oct. 13: Smith Republicans, Smith Democrats and the Smith Debate Team will gather in the Campus Center television lounge (ground floor) for the presidential debate.

Oct. 28: Smith Democrats will stage an informational session titled “Bush is Scary, Vote for Kerry” at 9 p.m. in the Carroll Room on the second floor of the Campus Center. Students will discuss the candidates’ stances on the issues and distribute Halloween treats.

Oct. 30 and 31: One hundred Smith Democrats plan to bus to Manchester, N.H., and campaign door-to-door on behalf of John Kerry.

Nov. 2: The Student Government Association has organized two vans to make continuous loops to the polls.

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