April 18, 2002 edition


On Monday, April 22, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time, the Noggin cable channel, an educational, commercial-free channel related to Nickelodeon, will feature Smith on its program titled "A Walk In Your Shoes." The premise of the program is that two young people from different walks of life trade places for several days in order to gain greater understanding of each other's environments and experiences. A high school student at last summer's Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program ­ Diya Sukh of Randolph, New Jersey ­ traded places for a week with a student at a cheerleading camp in the south. While Diya strove to learn cheers and formations, the cheerleading student built robots at Smith. Smith folks featured include Elizabeth Maynard '03 and Aruna Sarma '04, as well as Associate Professor of Computer Science Ileana Streinu. Noggin is not carried on all cable systems but is currently available in about 22 millions homes nationwide, primarily via satellite or digital cable.
"In addition, a recent study found that schools with need-blind policies actually have fewer poor and working-class students. The private liberal arts colleges that have the most students with incomes low enough to qualify for Pell grants are Mount Holyoke and Smith. Neither has a need-blind admission policy, but both have historically taken it upon themselves to seek out first-generation college students as well as women who are returning to school after motherhood or careers."
- "Pricing the Poor Out of College," New York Times [editorial], March 27, 2002

"This agreement is further validation for these women who, for one reason or another, lack the confidence to believe that dreams can happen."
- Andrea Gross AC, "Agreement links colleges to Smith," Union-News, April 8, 2002

"It's like a road map from the community colleges to Smith."
- Associate Director of Ada Comstock Scholars Program Sidonia Dalby, "HCC, GCC students to get Smith advice," Union-News/Associated Press, March 26, 2002
"[The construction crews] have moved along quite nicely and I think the results will be spectacular."
- Director of Campus Operations and Facilities Bill Brandt, "Building boom time at Smith," Daily Hampshire Gazette, March 22, 2002

"in 2000, three women's colleges-Wellesley, Bryn Mawr and Smith-ranked first, second and third in the nation among all liberal arts colleges in the number of alumnae with science and math doctorates."
- "How to get the girls? That's the question for the nation's women's colleges," Philadelphia Inquirer, March 23, 2002

"[At a women's college], everyone is your peer as well as your role model."
- Holly Lincoln '98, "Considering a women's college," Private Colleges magazine, 2002

"The engineers of tomorrow must be ready to blend the potential of technology with the highest aspirations of humanity and lead our society toward a sustainable future. Even when this approach becomes a reality, we as individuals must not abdicate our responsibility to participate actively in guiding environmentally sound technological decisions for the future.
- Rosemary Bradford Hewlett Professor of Engineering Domenico Grasso, WFCR (commentary), April 11, 2002

"Industry, collectively, has a responsibility here because they made major profits during a time when environmental regulations were not part of the consciousness of this country. So I think there's a historic responsibility of these industries that shared in the larger profits in a time when environmental responsibility was not the mindset of the day. And that's why I think that there should still be some kind of tax levied on these industries.
- Rosemary Bradford Hewlett Professor of Engineering Domenico Grasso, "Beyond the Headlines," National Radio Project, April 4, 2002

"Technology touches all aspects of our lives every day, and the WITI Invent Center [at Smith] is a resource for students and alumnae in all fields and majors, not just those from the engineering program."
- WITI Founder and Chairwoman Carolyn Leighton, "The WITI Invent Center: Women in Technology International and Smith College Share a Vision," Woman Engineer, Winter 2001/2002

"In short, prognosticating about the baseball season is simple: mountains of litigation and the Yanks in seven."
- Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics Andrew Zimbalist, "The Big Lumber This Season: Lawsuits" (column), Business Week, April 15, 2002

"Many team owners today also own entities that do business with their own teams, like TV stations or stadium concessions . Other owners use teams to develop real estate near stadiums. Others exploit their community prominence to foster closer ties with politicians and corporate executives. Most enjoy substantial tax benefits, eventual capital gains and the ego ride of ownership."
- Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics Andrew Zimbalist, "Baseball by the Numbers," New York Times Magazine, March 31, 2002

"I think the players, along with the owners, were very scared by the devastation of the 1994-95 work stoppage. It's certainly not good for the industry to do another one of those."
- Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics Andrew Zimbalist, "Baseball's 60-40 rule," NPR Marketplace, March 28, 2002

"Dr. Intrator's most important point is that these teachers are outstanding not because of their intellect but because of their emotional commitment to students. Against all odds, these teachers keep alive the optimism of their first days on the job."
- "On Teaching, in the Teacher's Voice," New York Times Education Life, review of "Stories of the Courage to Teach: Honoring the Teacher's Heart," by Assistant Professor of Education Sam Intrator; April 14, 2002

"The data suggest a crucial role for language in development of mature theory of mind."
Sophia and Austin Smith Professor of Psychology Jill de Villiers, "Speak Before You Think: Does how we talk steer our thoughts?" Chronicle of Higher Education, March 29, 2002

"[Smith is] the only school that offers a minor in exercise and sport studies among the Seven Sisters or former Seven Sisters colleges, and the only school to really take an academic, research-based, investigatory approach to sport within a liberal arts setting."
- Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Studies Christine Shelton, "Smith and Bryn Mawr offer joint course on women and sport in film," WFCR, March 13, 2002

"[Y]ou're not having a critical discourse while you're watching MTV. You're not getting the historical discourse, the aesthetics, the various ideologies, the issues of identity-all of which have their own disciplinary complications."
- Assistant Professor of Afro-American Studies Kevin Quashie, "Race in the College Classroom: Minority faculty often face student resistance when teaching about race," Black Issues in Higher Education, March 14, 2002

"With enough individual attention, it's impossible for a kid not to develop the skills they need, granted they don't have other issues like a reading disability."
- Holly Mott AC, "Word by word, tutors open world of reading," Daily Hampshire Gazette, March 16-17, 2002

"I've found nothing more deeply satisfying [than teaching] as I've dabbled with different career possibilities over the past several years, in spite of, or maybe even because of, the overwhelming challenges I know teachers face."
- Megan Jamieson '03, "Truman Scholarships stop here," Daily Hampshire Gazette, March 25, 2002 [Jamieson is one of 64 college juniors across the country to win prestigious Truman Fellowships for graduate study; she plans a career in teaching and, later, educational administration]

"I want to be the one teacher a student remembers when she thinks about her own sense of fairness or her love of Shakespeare. I want to be a role model and an inspiration in a simple, everyday sense."
- Megan Jamieson '03, "Smith junior earns Truman Fellowship," Union-News, March 25, 2002

In her article about the Pioneer Valley's low-profile, high-tech community, Amy Zuckerman fails to identify the other colleges that make the area an appealing place to live and work. For those not in the know, the colleges that help provide the Happy Valley lifestyle are Smith, Amherst, Mount Holyoke and Hampshire."
- Chief Public Affairs Officer Ann Shanahan, "Pioneer spirit" [letter to the editor], Boston Globe Magazine, March 24, 2002

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