smithfundThe Smith Fund celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. That means that for a century, since 1911, this essential fund of resources has provided vital support for the academic, cross-curricular and cultural programs and opportunities that pave the way for Smith women to become leaders and innovators.

College personnel involved with the Smith Fund will celebrate the century anniversary with an invitation to the college community to stop by and enjoy a cupcake on Tuesday, April 3, from noon to 2 p.m. outside the Campus Center Café.

Meanwhile, read below for an inside perspective from Leslie Brooks Solomon ’82, Smith Fund representative on the AASC Board of Directors.

The Smith Fund—the Smith Experience

When I returned to Smith for my first reunion I felt the energy of being connected to Smith as an alumna—the opportunity to re-discover the warmth of keeping in touch with my memories through friends and classmates. Since then, my life continues to be enriched by every new Smithie I have had the fortune to meet—old, young, in my professional life, my community, my family life. To expand my Smith community I continued to look for volunteer roles, serving on my Class Fund Team for three successive reunions.

My engagement with Smith and the Fund—as a volunteer, ambassador, and contributor—came when I had the honor of serving as the Special Gifts Co-Chair for my 25th Reunion. I came to understand more deeply the college’s commitment to remain strong and relevant to today, and the importance of our support for the college—philanthropically—as volunteers, mentors and ambassadors. Our support makes amazing things possible, from financial aid to stellar faculty, from programs like Women and Financial Independence to Smith’s beautiful buildings and grounds.

In my current role as the Smith Fund Representative on the AASC Board of Directors, my community has expanded ever further. I am working with and getting to know women across decades, geographies, cultures, interests, professions. My expanded Smith community has made me really see that the ways in which our students apply the strong foundation of the Smith experience, whether graduating this year, 30 or 60 years ago. The Smith experience makes for an alumnae body of which we can be proud—one of individual, global and truly exceptional women.