Smith Establishes Program for Displaced Students from Puerto Rico

Smith College has announced a new visiting student program for students from the University of Puerto Rico displaced by Hurricane Maria.

UPR students affected by the disaster are invited to apply to Smith for the spring 2018 semester. Through a special visiting semester program, accepted applicants will receive tuition, room and board, as well as a stipend to cover books, personal expenses and travel costs.

There is no application fee.

“Our goal is to allow these students to continue their studies at an outstanding liberal arts college with a welcoming, supportive community,” said Audrey Smith, the college’s vice president for enrollment. “I know Smith students, faculty and staff will welcome them eagerly.”

Students interested in applying to the visiting semester program should consult The application deadline is Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Prospective students seeking more information should contact Smith’s admission office at or 413/585-2500.