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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "really simple syndication" or "rich site summary" and is a method by which you can pull news announcements into your browser's Bookmarks or Favorites, via an RSS reader known as an aggregator. The aggregator reads the RSS feeds from the Web site you're subscribing to, so that the site's latest news items appear automatically in your browser's Bookmarks.

Do I have to use RSS to read eDigest news?

No, eDigest will continue to be sent to all e-mail accounts and is available for viewing on the Web site. RSS is simply another option that allows you to view selected categories of information.

How can I subscribe to RSS feeds?

If you use the Firefox Web browser for Mac or PC, or Safari for Mac, you already have access to RSS feeds. When Firefox or Safari come across a Web page with RSS feeds, they will show an RSS icon in the address bar. Click on that icon to subscribe to the page's RSS feeds. Then take a look in your Bookmarks, where you'll see the feeds.

What RSS feeds can I get?

We're currently providing feeds for each of the categories of news and announcements in eDigest, and the Gate's Photo of the Day. Click the links below to open a browser window with the feed you want to view.