New Sexual Assault Resources Website Allows Online Reporting

As part of Smith’s ongoing efforts to provide its community with resources, reporting options and support surrounding instances of sexual assault, the college has debuted a new website that collects college policies, academic and emotional support opportunities, information on legal proceedings, and more. The website also allows for sexual assault reports to be submitted online to the college’s Title IX coordinator.

“This is an important step in helping Smith meet the needs of our community – both for survivors of sexual assault and friends and bystanders,” said Dean of Students Julie Ohotnicky. “Online reporting gives the space to report when the time is right for an individual, and it helps the college keep track of concerns in our community.”

Ohotnicky stressed that the website should be treated as a resource, not as an emergency hotline. As always, students who wish to report a crime or who need immediate help should contact Campus Police at 413-585-2490 or at extension 800 from a campus phone.