More than two dozen new faculty members have joined Smith this year in 17 different departments. Smith’s newest faculty members are:

Elizabeth N. Antoske, mathematics and statistics

Carolina Aragón, landscape studies

Alfred Babo, French studies (visiting scholar and lecturer)

Monica B. Barnes, dance

Nancy E. Cohen, English language and literature

Elizabeth Coulter, art

Devashish Dey, music

Harris Freeman, government

Maureen Gallagher, German studies

George Katsaros, comparative literature

Justin Kim, art

Maxine Oland, anthropology

Pamela Petro, English language and literature

Stephen Platt, history

Ann M. Robbart, government

Wenona Rymond-Richmond, sociology

Nessy Tania, mathematics and statistics

Christopher Tinson, Afro-American studies

Shawn Trivette, sociology

Julianna Tymoczko, mathematics and statistics

Rani Varghese, study of women and gender

Melinda Wagner, music (William Allan Neilson Visiting Composer)

Shaofang Wang, East Asian languages and literatures

Joel Wolfe, history

Weam Zaky, biology