Northrop and Gillett houses, located across from John M. Greene Hall, were found in need of several physical improvements when surveyed in 2010. This summer’s renovations of the buildings include window replacements, repointing masonry, heating system replacement, lighting improvements, the installation of an elevator, renovating the basement lounge space, expanding the Gillett kitchen and dining area, and other measures.

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Northrop and Gillett


Three trees removed from the Northrop and Gillett grounds will be replaced by trees from the Botanic Garden nursery after construction is completed.


A new elevator is being installed with access from the basement to the building’s fourth floor in order to meet accessibility requirements.


Renovations to Northrop and Gillett living rooms include gas fireplaces.


A new ramp outside Gillett will lead directly into the extended dining room.

The Gillett kitchen is being expanded and will serve the new Gillett dining area.

Charlie Conant, project manager, oversees the entire project.