campuspoliceA search committee, formed this month, will begin the process of calling for applications, interviewing candidates and ultimately hiring a new chief of campus police, a position that collaboratively serves Smith, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke colleges.

Representing Smith on the search committee are Julianne Ohotnicky, dean of students, and Tiffany Peterson ‘15.

The position is being listed in a number of external sites related to the appropriate professional discipline to help insure a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates. The participation of students, staff, and faculty at all three colleges will be vital to the selection of the candidates who can best serve the diverse needs of the campuses.

During the application period, the search committee will work to identify and recruit qualified candidates. As some of the best candidates may not be actively seeking new positions, members of the respective college communities are encouraged to nominate qualified individuals by forwarding via email the name, contact information, and a short statement of nominees’ qualifications to Julie Ohotnicky.

When nominations and applications have been received, the search committee will narrow the pool of semifinalist candidates for initial interviews. These interviews will then lead to the selection of finalists who will be brought to the campuses to meet and speak with a wide representation of community members.

Following community input, the search committee will prepare a report on the strongest candidates for consideration. The search is expected to be completed during the spring semester.

Members of the Smith community are invited to submit questions, comments, and insights, noting that an effective search requires confidentiality regarding candidates and discussions of the committees.

Search committee, chief of campus police, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith colleges:

  • Ben Hammond, vice president for finance & administration and treasurer, Mount Holyoke College, chair of the search
  • A student from Mount Holyoke College (in process of being named by SGA)
  • A student from Hampshire College (in process of being named)
  • Nancy Apple, director, environmental health and safety, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke colleges
  • Cerri Banks, vice president for student affairs and dean of the college, Mount Holyoke College
  • Sheila Browne, the Bertha Phillips Rodger Professor of Chemistry, Mount Holyoke College
  • Diana Fernandez, interim dean of students, Hampshire College
  • Julianne Ohotnicky, dean of students, Smith College
  • Tiffany Peterson ’15, Smith College

Chris Abdul, director of human resources, Mount Holyoke College, staff to the search.