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The Best of Spring 2010

At Smith, groundbreaking is not an uncommon occurrence. But even for Smith, 2010 has been particularly rife with new developments and endeavors. The college broke ground at a new research center, the MacLeish Field Station, a 200-acre parcel of forest and farmland in rural Whately, Mass. And thanks to a new turf field applied in August, Smith's field hockey, lacrosse and rugby teams have a competitive facility for practice and games. In its expanding online universe, Smith introduced a publication, called Insight, for exploring research and academic inquiry, and continued its update and redesign of many departmental Web sites. Amid the new, tradition also remained, and appreciative crowds flocked to annual fall events, Otelia Cromwell Day, Julia Child Day and International Students Day. Here are some of the 2010 Smith highlights as reported on the Gate.