Those who visit the campus’ athletic facilities as they return to campus this month might notice several changes. During the January interterm, several athletics spaces received updates—notably in the Indoor Track and Tennis facility, the suash courts and the lounge in Ainsoworth, and the dance studio in Scott Gym.


The Indoor Track and Tennis facility was treated to a new running track. A darker-hued blue track replaced the 10-year-old surface there.


Squash players on campus will appreciate the new paint on the five squash courts in Ainsworth. Courts 1 and 5 sport a new light blue to assist ball visibility.


Ainsworth 151, the lounge space on the lower level of the building, sports a handsome wood-veneer floor in place of the carpeted surface there.


Also in the Ainsworth Lounge, the stairway that had previously lined the west wall, leading to Scott Gym, has been removed, opening up the space.