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Japanese Tea Hut To Be Removed in Late October

Over the past several years, the college has become increasingly concerned with issues of safety and vandalism at the Japanese Tea Hut near Paradise Pond. Over time, concerns have been expressed by many members of the Smith community - faculty, staff, alumnae, students and neighbors.

At the same time, the structure of the Tea Hut itself has been affected by natural weathering, bringing it to the end of its usable life span. In consideration of the challenges, both environmental and otherwise, the Campus Planning Committee has elected to remove the Japanese Tea Hut. Removal is scheduled for late October.

The Japanese Tea Hut was first proposed in November 1984 by Jill Ker Conway, then president of Smith College. On October 2, 1998, a Buddhist dedication service for two stone lanterns and a stone statue of Jizo, created by sculptor Tom Matsuda, was officiated by Issho Fujita, Abbot of Valley Sendo. The stone lanterns and statue of Jizo will be relocated from their current site, and the rocks that surround the tea hut will remain in place.