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Mail Services Pick-up and Drop-off Counter Hours

Beginning Monday, July 29, Mail Services will be located in the garden level of the Campus Center. Mail Services will have two counters: one to pick-up mail/packages and the other to drop off mail/packages. Counter hours are 11 a.m.1 p.m. and 24 p.m. Students will receive an email from the electronic mailbox system when they receive mail and/or packages. The email will contain a pin number to be used to open the electronic mailbox locker. The pin number will be valid for 36 hours and can be used any time, day, night or weekends, when the Campus Center is open. If there is an overflow of mail, the student will receive an email to pick up mail at the pick-up counter during the counter hours. Staff will be available to assist the students with the electronic mailboxes. For additional information please click on the link for the Mail Services website,