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Foul Weather Flash

For information about delayed openings, early closings, cancellation of classes, curtailed operations at Smith or weather emergency information, call the Smith Information Line at 585-INFO, the college’s only official weather source. An updated announcement of storm delays or closings will be available beginning approximately at 6:30 a.m. on the affected workday. If possible, an announcement will also be posted on the Smith website. For news on delayed openings or cancellations, tune in to: WHMP (Northampton) 1400 AM/99.3FM; WFCR (Amherst) 88.5; WHYN (Springfield) 93.1; WWLP-TV Channel 22; or WGGB-TV Channel 40. Please note: classes will continue to meet except in the most inclement weather, in which case a message will be on the Smith Information Line. Individual faculty members may cancel classes because of stormy weather at their own discretion, though those cancellations will not be publicized on the INFO line or the above mentioned media stations. Also note: the Smith Campus School has its own procedures for closing and follows Northampton Public School snow day calls. Notification of a Campus School closing is submitted to television stations by the Campus School principal and is not put on the Smith Information Line.