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Underground Conduit Project, November 19-23

Facilities Management will have a contractor installing underground conduits at 5 locations beginning on November 19. Work will be underway at the following locations on the approximate dates listed below. As with any excavation, progress will depend on unforeseen conditions. Updates will be posted should dates change.

Monday, Nov. 19: Chase to Gillett across Chase/Gillett Parking Lot. This will require a one day closing of approximately half of the parking spaces.

Monday, Nov. 19: Elm Street telephone pole into Chase House basement.

Tuesday, Nov. 20: Haven House at back of house to Campus Center. This will temporarily close the walk from Haven House, Campus Center side entrance, to central campus.

Wednesday, Nov. 21: Hopkins House to Park Annex

Friday, Nov. 23: Park Annex to manhole in College Lane. This will temporarily close Upper College Lane and access to Admissions Parking area from College Lane.