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Call for Faculty Fellowship Applications Kahn Institute Excavating the Image

Excavating the Image is an annual collaboration between the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute and the Smith College Museum of Art. In January 2013, this two-day colloquium will focus on an important recent acquisition by the SCMA—contemporary Chinese artist Cao Fei’s video The Birth of RMB City (2009). The Birth of RMB City is part of a larger project by Cao Fei, which uses new digital technologies to challenge conventional ideas about urban space. RMB City is a virtual city that exists within the online world of Second Life. Colloquium participants will have the opportunity to explore the online world of RMB City together (using an avatar created for our project), as well as other contemporary Chinese art in SCMA’s collection. No specific knowledge of China or Asian art is necessary for participating in this broad, cross-disciplinary discussion. Interested faculty should email Rosetta Cohen (, Director of the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute, on or before December 7. In your email, please include the title of the project and explain why you are interested in it, what you would bring to it, and what you would hope to gain from it. January 10 & 11, 2013, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.