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Dance dept press release   Date: 3/28/13 Bookmark and Share

Works of Undergrad Choreographers Featured

Senior Dance Concert, April 4-6, 8 p.m., Hallie Flanagan Theater

The Senior Thesis Concert, with performances April 4 through 6, represents the culmination of eight undergraduate students' work in the Department of Dance, featuring original performances and cutting-edge choreography.

The concerts take place at 8 p.m. in Hallie Flanagan Theater, Mendenhall Center. Tickets (available online) are $9 for general admission, $5 for students and seniors. Reserved seats only.

Coordinated by Erica Marcoux, the Senior Dance Concert featured the following works:

  • Keeping Things Whole, by Haley Grove, an exploration of two bodies in space working to create a whole.
  • Sincerely, also by Haley Grove, is a solo performance by the choreographer, exploring connections.
  • For Egon, by Mei Maeda, a piece depicting the physical embodiment of artist Egon Schieleís figure drawings and paintings, and examining the parallel relationships between model and artist, dancer and choreographer, and performer and spectator.
  • Two pieces by Meghan McDonald, both inspired by philosopher Alva Noe, examine human consciousness. "Consciousness is something we enact or achieve, in motion, as a way of being part of a larger process."
  • Damaged Goods, choreographed by Augusta Rodgers, explores individual experiences with the same situation, showing many perspectives and illustrating the complexity of memories.
  • ho r t u s / co r p u s, choreographed by Eve Schultz, explores a false universe in which the insect, the human, the angel and the green of cynicism all coexist. Beauty and disgust, vulnerability and violence, mortality and eternity, are concepts addressed and questioned in this work.
  • Angles of Healing, by Elliot Willette, reveals the relationships between dancers on stage and the audience to draw everyone into the process of healing.
  • Surrender, by Imogene Williams, explores how people let go of judgments and tension that stop them from tapping into their flow, and the blissful sensation people feel when they surrender to their innate creative ability.


Haley Grove, a senior dance major from Somerville, Mass., has danced since she could walk, canít imagine her life without movement, and is excited (and a little terrified) to continue her dance career beyond Smith.

Mei Maeda grew up dancing, from the age of 5, in southern New Hampshire. She is currently a dance and psychology double major, due to graduate this May.

Erica Marcoux was born in Maine and received her ballet training at Bossov Ballet Theatre. With Bossov Ballet, Erica performed lead and featured roles in productions of The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, Bolero, and others. As a dance and education double major at Smith, Erica has been the treasurer and assistant artistic director of Celebrations Dance Company, and has been an active member of the Smith dance community.

Meghan McDonald discovered her love for dance while attending the Youth Performing Arts High School in Kentucky. She continues to study dance, along with neuroscience, at Smith, and spent the past summer dancing in Berlin, learning from and collaborating with renowned German choreographers.

Augusta Rodgers is a double major in dance and sociology. From Minnesota, Augusta started dancing ballet at age 4. While at Smith, Augusta has worked with Chris Aiken, guest artist Colleen Thomas, and MFA candidates Melissa Edwards and Cat Wagner. After graduation, Augusta plans to pursue a masterís degree in teaching.

Eve Schultz was born in Maine and received her dance training at Bossov Ballet Theatre with Kirov soloist and choreographer, Andrei Bossov. With Bossov Ballet, she has performed featured roles in productions of The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Don Quixote. During Eveís four years as a dance and art history major at Smith, she has been an active member of Celebrations Dance Company and performed within the Five College Dance Department.

Elliot Willette hails from Salisbury, Vermont. At Smith, Elliot competes with the fencing team and loves adventuring with Park House.

Imogene Williams is a dance and psychology major from Los Angeles. She credits all her experiences over the past four years to her exciting rediscovery of her profound passion for dance.

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