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Date: 7/26/11 Bookmark and Share

Construction on Campus

A Weekly Pictorial Update of Summer Construction Projects

Summer 2011 Projects

Horse Barn, ITT Parking Lot
Other Houses
Hubbard Kitchen
Gardiner House
Emerson and Jordan Houses
Center for Work and Life
Capen and Sessions Houses
Burton Hall
Scott Gym and ITT Roof
Northrop and Gillett Houses

The Hubbard kitchen has been completely gutted, and the dining rooms are now filled to capacity with kitchen equipment and dining furniture. During the renovation of the kitchen, new, safer, quarry tile flooring will be installed, and the walls will be covered with state-of-the-art fiberglass reinforced plastic panels. A new walk-in freezer is ordered, and the loading dock will be enclosed. The old steam pipe leading to Hubbard kitchen is being replaced due to rust. View summer construction updates every Tuesday on the Gate.

Hubbard Kitchen
Hubbard House  
Hubbard House kitchen
One of the oldest houses on campus, Hubbard House was built in 1878. The close proximity to academic buildings makes most classes only a dash away.
Hubbardites will be delighted to learn that their adored staff will have a new kitchen when they return in the fall.
Hubbard House kitchen
  Hubbard House
The three kitchen spaces have been completely gutted during the renovation. The hole is a safety escape hatch for workers welding in the basement to exit when fumes reach dangerous levels.
New flooring, expanded storage, new freezer and exhaust vents in the basement, new lighting and ceiling tiles are scheduled to be completed by the beginning of the academic year.
Hubbard House dining room
Hubbard House
Beads on a chandelier are a reminder of happy times in the Hubbard dining room, which is now jammed packed with kitchen equipment.
  As the kitchen was gutted, all the equipment was moved to the dining rooms covering every inch of space.
Hubbard House
Hubbard House loading dock
The dining halls will be restored to their previous condition, once all the kitchen construction is complete.
  The loading dock previously open to the elements is being enclosed and secured.
Hubbard House pipe replacement
Hubbard House pipe replacement
A steam line leading into Hubbard had started to rust so had to be replaced as part of the renovations.
  Large concrete slabs covered the pipe and required heavy equipment to remove during the pipe replacement.
Enfield Builders Gary Schmidt
John Shenette
Enfield Builder's Gary Schmidt is supervising the work and filling in as general carpenter.
  John Shenette, associate vice president of facilities management, was seen recently checking up on the progress of the construction.
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