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   Date: 9/2/09 Bookmark and Share

The Smith Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

Rules and regulations

• Please register your team online:

• Teams should be from a single house (Adas who don’t live in houses may create their own teams)--No team may have more than 10 members (therefore if 20 people from your house want to play, divide into two teams).

• Prizes will be awarded to the two top-scoring teams. Judging will be based on accuracy, completeness and creativity of answers--and especially creativity.

• Important Dates/Times: Completed answers due by noon on Friday, September 4 in Bass Hall 107; Prizes! Everyone who participates receives a gift--big prizes for the top two teams--along with interesting and witty commentary, at 7 p.m. on Sunday, September 6, in Sage Hall.

• If you ask other teams for answers, you don’t learn much, and Smith is about learning.

• Please obey all laws and keep out of private and locked spaces.

• Good luck! Here are the questions:

Food and Agriculture

1. Name three vegetables planted in the Smith Community garden in summer 2009 (1 pt.)

• Provide the GPS coordinates for the Community Garden (3 pts.)

2. Name up to three places locally where you can get a vegan meal (1 pt. each)

3. There’s an architectural element on campus that depicts local agricultural history and what we would consider a tough workout. Where is the element? What are they picking? (5 pts.)


4. What’s special about the toilets in Ford Hall? (1 pt.)

• Design a communications piece that describes this to building users (up to 10 pts.)


5. What’s a project you can do with an old plastic bag (Hint: Smith Environmental Sustainability FB page) (1 pt.)

• Submit an example – (up to 10 pts.)

6. Name a location where you can recycle an old cell phone, ipod, a CFL, or battery on campus (1 pt.)


7. Submit the rubbing of the license plate from a Smith campus ZIP Car (3 pts.)

8. Design a new bike rack for the Campus Center and identify where it should be installed (up to 10 pts.)

9. What are the 3-step instructions on the bike rack on a PVTA bus? (2 pts.)

• Re-write them in iambs, limerick or haiku (up to 10 pts.)


10. Describe in your own words how Smith’s co-gen system works (up to 5 pts.)

11. Name up to five ways to keep an electric device from being a “vampire.” (1 pt each.)

12. Where is there a solar hot water system on the Smith Campus? What does it do? (3 pts.)

Smith People and Culture

13. Bring back a rubbing from the office name plate of a current or past chair of the Committee on Sustainability. (1 pt. for each.)

14. Where and when will the Green Team meet this fall? Submit a rubbing from the number plate of the room where meetings will be held. (3 pts.)

15. List 7 of the possible 12 departments from which faculty advisers in the Environmental Science and Policy Program come. (2 pts.)

16. List up to five ways that students can get involved with environmental/sustainability issues on campus. (1 pt. each.)

17. On page 185 of The Green Collar Economy Van Jones writes: “Many of the best ideas have not yet surfaced or been taken to scale. As the green wave encompasses more people, it will produce more innovation, inventiveness and passion than we cannot possibly appreciate or imagine.” Describe what skills, knowledge or inspiration you hope the Smith community at large can provide you in preparation for a greener future (up to 5 pts.)

• Submit your answer in verse (up to 10 additional pts.)

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