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   Date: 9/30/09 Bookmark and Share

Brad Horner (nephew)

There are a couple of interesting stories that Betty used to tell that you may or may not have heard. One took place while she was driving down a country road in Florida at night, many years ago. She told us that she was steering her car from side to side trying to avoid hitting the various snakes that were crossing the road and her driving attracted the attention of a highway patrolman who thought he had found a drunk driver. When she explained that she was a professor and that she was trying to identify the snakes in the road and not run over them, the policeman said that he had been a biology major in college and was able to tell her where all the best places in the area were for finding snakes. And of course, she did not get a ticket. A non-nature incident occurred when Betty bought her new 1956 Chevrolet. Apparently she bought the new V8 model, which was noticed by two teenagers in their hotrod next to her at a stoplight. Well, when the light turned green Betty floored the gas pedal and left the teenagers in a cloud of dust. At the next stoplight, Betty's Chevy and the hotrod were side-by-side again for a rematch and when the teenagers floored it and took off, Betty just coasted along laughing to herself. Not an animal related story, but another example of Betty's adventurous spirit. Adventure seemed to come naturally to Betty. It certainly was one amazing lifetime.

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