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Items Willed at Senior Banquet

Senior Bequeaths

A. Decorative shells, willed by Julia Mandeville ’10 to Michelle Kim ’11, to decorate Kim's off-campus apartment next year.

B. Red Converse sneakers, willed by Elizabeth Glenn ’10 to Hayley Raetz ’12. Glenn wore the sneakers frequently during her year abroad in Cordoba, where Raetz will be going next year—passing the torch.

C. Knit hat and spur shirt will by Emily Corwin ’10 to Jessica Gutierrez ’12. Corwin and Gutierrez are fellow Texans. Corwin picked up the spur shirt in Houston, Gutierrez's hometown. Corwin knitted the cap for Gutierrez.

D. Plant willed by Nikki Sinopoli ’10 to Betsy MacKenzie ’13. Sinopoli wanted to give the plant, which is named Alfie, away after having nearly killed it. MacKenzie is a lover of botany.

E. Hammock willed by Julia Mandeville ’10 to Emily Brown ’11. Mandeville lives in a co-op, where she had this hammock.