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   Date: 7/2/09 Bookmark and Share

Keeping Variety in Your Workout
By Personal Trainer Kelly Coffey (’02)

  Kelly Coffey
Kelly Coffey '02

A complaint I hear often from new clients is that, even with regular workouts, they’re not seeing results. The first thing I ask is “When was the last time you changed your routine?” If you’ve been using the same machines, walking the same two miles, or attending the same yoga class and have hit a plateau, you’ve probably fallen into what I like to call a Routine Rut.

In order to continue to lose fat, strengthen, and tone, Routine Ruts should be avoided. Conversely, oft-modified workouts based on progress already made and goals yet to be met can yield these (and other) real results.

STAY ENGAGED: Routines have a tendency to become, well, routine. Doing something unfamiliar will help you stay engaged both mentally and physically.

PASS PLATEAUS: Few things are as frustrating as doing the work but not seeing the desired results. Modifying the old workout can help you make progress again.

KEEP IMPROVING: The body can only get as strong, as flexible, or as toned as the task at hand demands. Alter the task, and the body will change with it!

INCREASE CONFIDENCE: Clients often report that they lack the confidence to try new things. Remember, confidence results from practice, not the other way around!

CREATE BALANCE: Working A while neglecting B, say, working the core but not the low back, can create aches, pains and imbalances in the body. A fluid, educated, and well-rounded exercise program brings the balance back

BE WHOLE: Our legs are no less a part of you than your arms, and your shoulders are as much a part of you as your core. A properly designed workout is one that attends to the whole you.

BE THOROUGH: What is stamina without strength? Or flexibility without agility? A well-written workout will bring you improvements on all fronts.

BE SAFE: Always doing the same thing is bad enough, but doing the same thing incorrectly? Ask for guidance on new exercises to minimize your risk of serious injury.

GET RESULTS! Make the time you spend in the gym really meaningful and effective! An ever-evolving routine can bring about prodigious results.

Kelly Coffey ’02, owner of Strong Coffey, is a Certified Personal Trainer who provides assistance to many in the Smith community.

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