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Kristen Cole   Date: 1/21/09

Dredging of Paradise Complete

At the beginning of last week’s cold snap, the company responsible for removing excess sediment from the floor of Paradise Pond hoisted its final piece of remaining equipment onto a truck and off campus.

The final piece of dredging equipment was hoisted by crane onto a tractor-trailer bed and hauled away last week.

View pictures from last June when the equipment was lowered into Paradise Pond.

WeCare Organics LLC had completed its dredging project at the end of December but was unable to remove its barge until January.

The company removed more than 10,000 cubic yards of sediment from the 16-acre pond.

While Smith periodically dredges the pond of the material that threatens to fill it, this was the first time that the process did not include draining the pond. The work was completed through an innovative and environmentally friendly method called hydraulic dredging that was conducted using the barge.

With the hydraulic system, the company vacuumed sediment from the pond bottom and pumped it onto land where the water was drained off.

The barge performed the vacuuming, and pumped the material into special tubes located on the athletic fields that captured and contained the sediment while releasing clean water back into the pond. After drying out, the sediment was hauled away on trucks.

Paradise Pond has been historically dredged every eight years; the last time was in 1998.



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