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Olympics? Who's Watching the Olympics?

Michael Phelps. Dara Torres. The superstar U.S. basketball team.

It's hard not to notice the daily record-setting performances of these super-athletes now representing the United States in worldwide competition at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

So it's no surprise that many in the Smith community are also tuning in to the games. The Gate recently asked "What are you watching and why?" Here's what a few at Smith said:

Sara Pruss, assistant professor, geology

"I have been watching swimming and gymnastics. I am interested in swimming for a couple of reasons. My husband swam and played water polo in high school, so I have a new appreciation for that sport. It has also been fun to watch the Michael Phelps show! As far as gymnastics, I have loved that event since I was a little girl. I participated in gymnastics when I was 4 or 5 years old, but never quite made it to the uneven bars!"

David Machowski, associate director, CDO

"Soccer and the bicycling--good stuff! I follow the Euro, UEFA Champions League/Cup, World Cup and the Italian and English Premier leagues in soccer, so the Olympics are analogous to that. Same with the bicycling, as I ride quite a lot and annually follow the Gyro d'Italia and the Tour de France, so the Olympics are of some interest."

Sabrina Marsh, associate director, admission

"The gymnastics are, hands down, my favorite to watch. The power and strength of those particular athletes is incredible. I enjoy the background stories that are shared about all the athletes, too. Perhaps that is why swimming and diving have also captures my attention. Did you know Michael Phelps eats 8,000-10,000 calories a day?! It seems to be working for him."

Lily Lamboy ’10

"My favorite events are swimming, diving, gymnastics, and track and field. My mother was a competitive Junior Olympics swimmer, so the swim races take on a whole new dimension with her detailed commentary. Like many track and field events, swim races are action-packed and high-tension, leaving me glued to the screen. As for synchronized diving, I love the event because of its extraordinary beauty and precision. To see one diver is a marvel, but to see two in tandem borders on miraculous. Finally, like many Smithies I know, I enjoy the gymnastics competition. I am in awe of the grace and strength of both the men and the women, and I am always on the edge of my seat as a competitor attempts a difficult swing from the high bar to the low or performs a back-flip on the balance beam."

Stacie Hagenbaugh, director, CDO

"Favorites: the marathon, triathlon, cycling, swimming. I was an avid runner for a few years, so I love to watch the distance races. I have recently started biking, so I like to catch the cycling events. As for swimming, there are so many interesting stories, like those of Dara Torres and Michael Phelps, I can't help but watch."

4/2/08   Eric Sean Weld
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