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Sara Pruss, geology


What do you do at Smith?

I teach paleontology and oceanography in the geology department.

How many years have you been at the college?

This is my first semester.

What is your busy season?

End of the semester and during field work in the summer.


Who gets the most face time with you?

My paleo class and students who will be doing research projects with me get the most face time with me right now.

What are you reading now?

I am reading The Road from Coorain by Jill Ker Conway to learn about another woman's voyage that ultimately led her to Smith.

What is your favorite movie?

That's a tough one, but I probably have to go with Casablanca.

If you suddenly had two hours of free time, what would you do?

I would put on some jazz and cook a nice meal at home.

What is your favorite wall hanging at home?

A painting of two people embracing that I bought on the Venice boardwalk during my graduate student days.

What annoys the heck out of you?

Wishing I had more time.

Do you eat fast food?

My guilty pleasure is the very occasional Whopper.

What's your favorite thing about where you grew up?

That I grew up in many different places so I learned a lot about myself.

What single piece of advice would you give to graduating seniors?

My single piece of advice is t find a job or a field that you love. That way, all of the little annoyances are so small compared to the total joy of what to do.

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