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What Can You Learn This Month?

Interterm 2007 continues next week with courses on writing short short stories, math and sound, cooking African and vegetarian dishes, Ashtanga Yoga, and more.

Each January, the Interterm Program, now in its ninth year, offers a series of non-credit courses taught by Smith community members – students, staff, faculty, alumnae and associates. This year’s program, which runs through Friday, Jan. 26, offers nearly three dozen weeklong courses and several workshops that might entice the fringe curiosities of those still on campus.

News & Events will profile a few of the Interterm Program’s courses as they approach. This week:

January 16-19, 3:15-5:15 p.m., Lamont Kitchen
A-roi: Basic and Delicious Thai Cooking
Instructor: Julie Goshe ’07

Julie Goshe creating a Thai concoction

The first time she tasted Thai food, “I fell in love," remembers Julie Goshe. "What I love about Thai dishes is their attention to subtle flavor. Everything is well-balanced but interesting.”

Growing up in the Midwest, Goshe says she didn’t learn how to cook until the summer after her sophomore year, when she lived by herself in Washington, D.C., working at an internship. “I was faced with feeding myself every day and I didn’t even know how to cut a tomato,” she recalls. When her Smith classmate, Rebecca Heeb ’07, who was also living in the city, introduced her to Asian foods, Goshe “went from clueless in the kitchen to an accomplished beginning cook, because I started making Thai dishes and enjoyed it so much.”

When she returned to Smith that fall, she sharpened her Asian cooking skills by hosting weekly dinner parties for her friends. “I became known in my house for my green curry chicken,” she says. A Praxis internship last summer in Thailand expanded her knowledge of the country’s dishes.

Setting the table for another dinner party

Now she plans to teach others how to prepare the food she’s come to love.

Goshe’s Thai cooking course marks the first time she has directed a class, she says, and she will emphasize fun and overcoming kitchen ambivalence. “I know from experience that cooking can be intimidating -- I was so afraid to try something new when I first started cooking,” she says. “I’m going to spend a lot of time emphasizing to my class that they shouldn’t be afraid and that anyone can learn to cook.”
Goshe plans to teach her students popular Thai dishes, such as pad Thai, som tum (green papaya salad), mango with sweet sticky rice, and her specialty, green curry chicken/tofu.

But her main goal is to inspire her students to take what they learn from her and expand on it in their own kitchens, with curiosity and confidence in their ability to experiment.

“I really hope that those who weren’t inclined to cook before, or just don’t know how to do it, feel confident after my course that they can do it,” she says. “Most importantly, I want my fellow classmates to learn to love cooking as much as I have as a result of my love of eating and cooking Thai food.”

Huelo Dunn ’07 taught Not Another Scarf: Learn to Knit Legwarmers Jan. 8-12.
1/12/07   By Eric Sean Weld
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