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Face Time—Praxis Edition


Katie Garwood ’08

From: Monterey, Calif.
Major: English literature and film studies
Praxis internship: Walden Media, Boston, a company that creates film adaptations of children's stories.

What were your job responsibilities?

Some of my responsibilities included reading new properties (such as books and screenplays) and doing coverage on them, helping out with Internet projects, brainstorming marketing and educational outreach ideas for new films, and answering phones.

Describe the physical surroundings where you worked.

The office is located on the seventh floor of a building in downtown Boston. The interior of the office is decorated with framed posters of all the films that Walden Media has produced, and “standees,” or life-sized cardboard cutouts of film characters and posters. Every intern gets their own desk workspace and a computer to use throughout the day.

What did you wear to work?

My work attire was “business casual”—open-toed shoes and jeans were okay as long as they were on the dressy side. Because of the heat, I usually wore skirts, a pair of low heels, and a blouse.

Describe the people you worked with.

The employees and executives at Walden were always so helpful, friendly, and informative. The other Interns I worked with came from schools in many areas, including Florida, New York, Texas, and North Carolina. Our experiences were very diverse, but we worked well on cooperative projects, and it was really fun to get to know each of them.

What did you like most about your internship?

I love that the internship was a perfect composite of my two majors: English Literature and Film Studies. I have never been able to read so much for fun in all my life. It was so exciting to read books and screenplays and see films that are not even out to the general public yet. Because we read many of the properties in very early stages, we are able to give out input and recommendations about revisions. It was a very good feeling to know that I was able to participate in someone’s creative vision and help craft it into something that kids of all ages will be able to read and experience sometime in the future.

What's your favorite memory of the summer?

My most ambitious project as an intern was reading a book that Walden intends to produce and pitch my ideas about what the film should look like to a major Hollywood director. The other interns and I gave a four-hour presentation about our vision of the film and had some wonderful discussions with the director. It is difficult to have this kind of creative film development experience on the East Coast as opposed to Los Angeles, so it was a very rare and exciting opportunity.

8/22/07   Compiled by Judith Roberge
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