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Face Time—Praxis Edition


Allison MacDonald ’09

From: Minneapolis, Minn.
Major: government and economics
Praxis internship: Editorial intern at Dollars and Sense: The Magazine of Economic Justice, Boston.

What were your job responsibilities?

Writing and publishing my own articles, editing, and doing research for the magazine. I also filled many many book orders.

Describe the physical surroundings where you worked.

A small, messy office complete with coffee and a Marxist library.

What did you wear to work?

Anything I wanted, the office is very casual. I would usually wear skirts or jeans.

Describe the people you worked with.

The staff and interns at Dollars and Sense are typically progressive in their politics and easy-going in their personal lives. There was a lot of laughing and chit-chat of revolution in the office.

What did you like most about your internship?

That I got the opportunity to publish five or six pieces for the magazine!

What's your favorite memory of the summer?

Spending time in Harvard Square with the other Dollars and Sense interns.

What were your living arrangements?

A fabulous apartment in Brookline with two roommates.

Describe your typical day.

Wake up, eat an English muffin with peanut butter, go to Dunkin Donuts, head to work at Park Street (Downtown Crossing), write, research and edit, take the T to Boston Sports Club, then hang out with friends and/or read a book.

How did you spend your free time?

You can usually find me drinking coffee incessantly and running all around town with friends! Although when I'm at home, I enjoy reading and watching cult classic movies.

What did you learn from your internship?

I became informed and well read on many of the world's injustices. I also learned the steps that individuals and groups can take to change some of the world's wrong-doing. I had a great summer!


8/17/07   Compiled by Judith Roberge
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