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Before You Leave for Holiday Break...

Whether you’re a student, a faculty or staff member at Smith, you’ll soon be leaving behind a room full of appliances and electronic devices that suck valuable electricity from the wall as long as they’re plugged in, even if they’re turned off.

So, before you leave your room or campus office for the upcoming holiday break, take a few minutes to unplug those energy hogs, such as refrigerators, televisions, VCR or DVD machines, telephones, computers and cell phone chargers.

The biggest energy hog by far in student rooms is the refrigerator, which runs around the clock burning about 50 watts needlessly. To help save electricity and money, empty it out, turn it off, unplug it and prop open the door.

Also, the low level of electricity drawn from plugged in appliances that are turned off, such as TVs and computers, adds up. Unplugging these items during the holiday break can save 130,000 kilowatt-hours (enough to power 1,200 homes) and nearly $11,000.

Moreover, unplugging these devices will cut down on the college’s energy use, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide.

Unplug and save, and enjoy the holidays knowing you did your part to eradicate those energy hogs.

12/18/06   Eric Sean Weld
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