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Prizes & Internships


The Smith College Department of Music awards annual prizes for excellent work in the areas of music history, theory, composition, and performance. In some cases these prizes offer substantial amounts that may cover the expense of summer musical study or even tuition at an institution of higher learning.

Susan Rose Internships in Music

Each summer since 1998, a number of students in music have pursued career internships in a wide variety of areas with financial support provided by an extraordinarily generous gift to the college from Susan Wechsler Rose, Smith ’63. These internships—in performance, in academic musical study, in music administration and in the real world of the business of music—have ranged from participation in the opera workshop at the Aspen Music Festival, in Aspen, Colorado, to the study of traditional Ewe drumming in the African nation of Ghana; they have supported field work on Buddhist chanting in California and bibliographical work on Berlioz at the Bibliothèque nationale de France; they have included the study of conducting at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, Connecticut, and the producing of popular albums with “What Are Records” in Boulder, Colorado; they have sponsored orchestral librarianship at the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, New York, and administrative assistance at the Washington National Opera, in Washington, D.C.

All sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled at Smith College whose curriculum has included classroom courses in music, and who have demonstrated a commitment to the study of music, are eligible—and are encouraged—to compete for a Susan Rose Internship. The grant provides funding up to an approximate maximum of $5,000. Students are normally awarded only one grant during their years at the college, but in special circumstances students may apply for a second Rose Internship.

Internships are normally carried out during the summer months following the sophomore or junior year, but proposals for work during the academic year, or for work to be carried out after graduation, will also receive careful consideration.

A student who wishes to compete for an internship should consult with her music professors, and with the chair of the music department’s Susan Rose Internship Committee, regarding the area in which she expects to pursue her work. She should then prepare a one-page proposal and a detailed budget (indicating, as specifically required for the internship, the cost of room and board, instruction, and transportation), and submit these documents to the chair of the committee along with an unofficial copy of her academic transcript. She should have two brief letters of recommendation (from music professors or others familiar with her work) sent via email to the chair of the committee.

Applications must be submitted to the chair of the committee on or before March 15. Awards will be announced in early April.

Susan Rose Internships 2015

Organization: Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music
Title of internship: Chamber Music Workshop Participant
Location: Nelson, NH
Website: http://applehill.org

More Information

Intern Reflection:
I participated in a summer session of the Apple Hill Chamber Music Workshop, a music community that fosters playing at every level. After being accepted through my audition tape I had the opportunity to perform the Dvorjak American quartet and the Weinberg piano quintet with two different groups. Apple Hill was an inspiring place; I found myself practicing my cello for hours every day not out of fear or anxiousness to play well, but because of commitment to my groups. A professional fiddler led several workshops during the nine-day session, so I also was introduced to a new playing style. The faculty were all incredibly supportive and my time there has really encouraged me

Contact Information: Grace Ramsay '16

Organization: Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music
Title of internship: Chamber Music Workshop Participant
Location: Nelson, NH
Website: http://applehill.org

More Information

Intern Reflection:
This was my second summer at Apple Hill (June 19-28, 2015), and, just like the previous summer I went to Apple Hill (July 11-20, 2014), it was amazing and life-changing. It is a very collaborative program where I got to play in two different ensembles and bond with the faculty and other participants. Although each session at Apple Hill lasts for ten days, you meet so many supportive, talented wonderful musicians and play so much great repertoire in a short time! I received a lot of excellent and detailed constructive criticism from both peers and faculty on my musicianship, allowing me to focus on ways to improve my technique not just at Apple Hill but in my everyday cello practice after Apple Hill.

Apple Hill is unique in the sense that it is one of the few opportunities where I have interacted on a heart-to-heart level with people who come from literally all different walks of life. During both summers I attended Apple Hill I met and worked with musicians of various ages, nationalities, ethnicities, races, genders, hometowns and playing levels. People at Apple Hill embrace each other's differences and learn from one another equally as both musicians and human beings. It was difficult to leave Apple Hill when the sessions ended because I had learned so much about what it takes to be a good musician and a good human being in general. I am very thankful for the funds from the SusanRoseInternshipGrant for making it possible for me to attend Apple Hill two years in a row, and I highly recommend every musician attend an Apple Hill summer chamber music workshop at least one time in their music career because it is a truly wonderful experience.

Contact Information: Gabriella Grange '16

Organization: Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Title of internship: Marketing and Development Intern
Location: Springfield, MA
Website: www.springfieldsymphony.org

Contact Information: Ann Rasmussen, Director of Marketing and Communications

More Information

Intern Reflection:
I worked closely with the director of marketing and communications to research new companies for potential program book ad sales. I strengthened my verbal and written negotiation skills through sales calls and emails. I sat in on meetings and phone calls between the marketing director and local press organizations. I attended weekly staff meetings where I was able to learn a bit more about what each administrative area does behind the scenes to keep the orchestra running. I worked closely with a graphic designer to create and edit several advertisements for the upcoming season. I created new text for the organizations website. Though most of my time was spent working in marketing and development, I worked with the box office director to organize ticket sales and distribution and the youth outreach coordinator to create materials for auditions. I was also invited to attend a meeting with the board of trustees where I learned more about many of the problems that small orchestras face and how they work to combat them.

Contact information: Bianca Couture '16

Organization:Ostrava Days
Title of internship: Resident of Ostrava Days 2015 Institute
Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic
Website/contact information: www.newmusicostrava.cz/en/ostrava-days/

More Information

Intern Reflection:
During the three-week composition program, I took master classes with acclaimed composers such as Alvin Lucier, Peter Ablinger, George Lewis, Jennifer Walshe, Christian Wolff, Petr Kotik, Bernhard Lang, Phil Niblock, and Alex Mincek. Ostrava Days culminated into a 9-day festival during the last week which included 19 concerts performed by ensembles like Jenáček Philharmonic Orchestra and Ostravská Banda. I met and networked with a good range of composers from all over the world at Ostrava Days from composition students like me to professional and established composers, and learned much about how to build the career as a composer as well as contemporary and experimental compositional approaches. My piece for brass trio, "Hot Air Balloon" was also performed during the festival.

Contact Information: Izzy Chen '16

Organization: Brevard Summer Music Festival
Title of internship: Participant in the Piano Program
Location: Brevard, NC
Website/contact information: www.brevardmusic.org

More Information

Intern Reflection:
I received weekly private lessons, attended studio classes, master classes and piano literature classes. I attended concerts on a daily basis, which included orchestral works, chamber music, solo instrumental works, opera and more. I met friends who were professional musicians or passionate music lovers like myself. I experienced the conservatory-style training - practicing for 5-7 hours daily, going to concerts every day and taking all music classes - which has improved my technique, expanded my knowledge in music, and deepened my understanding of being a musician.

Contact Information: Claudia Yun '18J

Susan Rose Internships 2014

Organization: Brevard Summer Music Festival
Title of internship: Student Participant
Location: Brevard, NC
Website/contact information: www.brevardmusic.org

Please contact Winni Ni '15 at wni@smith.edu for more information

Organization: The Glimmerglass Festival
Title of internship: Artistic Administration Intern
Location: Cooperstown, NY
Website/contact information: glimmerglass.org

Please contact Nora Nadire '14 at noracnadire@gmail.com for more information


Organization: The Glimmerglass Festival
Title of internship: Glimmerglass Music Intern
Location: Cooperstown, NY
Website: glimmerglass.org/company/internships

Please contact Katie Lipow '14 at katie.lipow@gmail.com for more information

Organization: University of Liverpool
Title of internship: Presenter, University of Liverpool Screen and Media Conference
Location: Liverpool, England
Website/contact information:www.liv.ac.uk/music/conferences,&,festivals/mediascreening2014

Please contact Sarah Lerner '14 at slerner@smith.edu for more information


Organization: Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music
Title of internship: Summer Chamber Music Workshop Participant
Location: Nelson, NH
Website/contact information:www.applehill.org/summer_workshop/sw_summerworkshop.htm

Please contact Gabriella Grange '16 at ggrange@smith.edu for more information


Organization: Signature Sounds Recordings, Inc.
Title of internship: Record Label Intern
Location: Northampton, MA
Website/contact information: www.signaturesounds.com; Jim Olsen

Please contact Abbie Duqette '15 at abbie.duquette@gmail.com for more information

Organization: Asociacion Cultural Qantu
Title of internship: Assistant Music Teacher
Location: Cusco, Peru
Website/contact information: www.facebook.com/asociacionqantucusco

Please contact Joanna Giordano '16 at jgiordano@smith.edu for more information

Organization: The Walden School
Title of internship: Creative Musicians Retreat Participant
Location: Dublin, NH
Website: waldenschool.org/creative-musicians-retreat

Organization: Weill Music Institute, Carnegie Hall
Title of internship: NeON Arts Intern
Location: New York, NY
Website/contact information: www.carnegiehall.org/NeONArts

Please contact Anna Lee Hirschi '15 at annalhirschi@gmail.com for more information